Entran II Remediation

6 typical methods for replacing Entran II radiant tubing:

Entran II RemediationThere are six ways to remediate your failed Entran II System.

  1. If your house is not a slab on grade house, we can use a staple up system, where the tubing is stapled to the floor boards and then insulated with an aluminum faced insulation that traps the heat.
  2. A radiator installation. This can be done by opening the walls and running a new set of supply and return lines from the mechanical room to each radiator location.
  3. To do an overlay where the radiant tubing is put on the existing floor and an 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 layer of gypcrete is poured over the tubing.
  4. To put a ducted system with forced air. This allows for both heating and cooling as an option.
  5. Complete removal of slab with installation of new radiant tubing and re-pouring of the slab.
  6. If the house is brick on sand, we can pull and save all the brick, and then reinstall new tubing and replacement of the brick.


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