High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency BoilersReduce your energy bills by up to 50% by installing High Efficiency Condensing Boilers with indirect fired Hot Water Systems.

These new systems provide fully modulating burner technologies which use outdoor temperatures to determine the amount of BTUs required to heat the dwelling or make hot water.


High Efficiency BoilerSome of the advantages of High Efficiency Boilers are:

  • Reduce energy bills by 50%
  • 97% energy efficient
  • Fully modulating
  • Adjust BTU output based on external temperature (uses past history to determine future demand)
    • Prioritizes hot water demand
    • Rapid recovery
    • Power radiant systems
  • Combine with indirect tank for domestic hot water


High Efficiency Boiler Manufacturers Medlin Mechanical installs are:

High Efficiency BoilersHigh Efficiency Boilers Santa FeSanta Fe High Efficiency Boilers
High Efficiency Water HeatersHigh Efficiency Water Heater
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