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NET Zero SolutionsThe only way to have a Net Zero home or business is to have no gas fired equipment on the premises. There is no way to offset natural gas or propane fired appliances.

To get to Net Zero one must create as much or more energy than the home or business consumes. The way to achieve Net Zero is to first design the heating and cooling system for the home or business and then add to it the electrical requirements that the dwelling has. Once this system is designed, we can extrapolate the kilowatts necessary to run these systems on an annualized basis. Then we design the correctly sized photovoltaic system that will create the kilowatts necessary to offset the electrical demands for this site.

NET Zero Solutions Santa FeCurrently in the Santa Fe area partnered with Positive Energy have designed, and implemented 5 homes that are achieving Net Zero. Two of these homes are new construction and the other three are retro-fit homes. The homes range anywhere from 2,000 square feet up to 5,200 square feet. These systems have been designed by Taylor Selby, of Positive Energy and Trey Medlin, of Medlin Mechanical. For more information regarding Net Zero design please contact either Trey Medlin, of Medlin Mechanical or Taylor Selby, of Positive Energy.

Partnered with Positive Energy for Net Zero design

Positive Energy is New Mexico's leading installer of Solar Panels with offices in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos & Las Cruces.


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